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A thematic seminar on the network literacy of girls and families in the new era takes place in Beijing, Oct 11, 2018. [Photo/VCG]

A thematic seminar on the network literacy of girls and families in the new era took place in Beijing on Thursday, also the International Day of the Girl.

Host by the All-China Women"s Federation, the seminar aimed at calling on all sectors of society to build a healthy online environment for young generations and promote family internet literacy.

"We need to make more efforts to guide children, especially girls and families, to improve their network literacy, and provide them with a better online environment," Huang Xiaowei, vice-president of the All-China Women"s Federation, said in the opening address.

Song Wenzhen, deputy director of the General Office of the State Council Working Committee on Women and Children, said: "We will speed up the legislative process and institutional improvement for the child internet protection act, and introduce regulations for child network protection as soon as possible."

The seminar featured speeches given by experts and scholars, and released a joint initiative on a movement for the protection of girls. A report on network literacy of girls and families in the new era was also released.

Aybek Askhar contributed to this story.

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